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ISAK&BERG joins Swedegood

What´s going on? Let me tell you a little about ISAK+BERG... Sandra Isaksson and Christian Bergenstrahle met in Hong Kong 5 years ago and they quickly became friends. They bonded over a shared interest in design and after several projects together they decided to set up ISAK+BERG - home to high quality design objects.

Christian is the charismatic extrovert that Sandra always wanted to be. He´s a yin to Sandra´s yang. And the Berg to the Isak. Sandra is the creative soul with the ability to design beautiful products and patterns. The creative soul Christian always wanted to be. And the Isak to the Berg.

They are now a design duo. Based in different countries (Sandra in the UK and Christian in Spain/South Africa), but nevertheless, united by design, friendship and their Swedish origin.

Swedegood is proud to offer the prize awarded grinder, designed by Sandra Isaksson. Initially it´s offered in three different colors (red, white and natural wood) but later on it might be launched in more. If you are working for a company and wish to offer this product as a high-quality gift and wish to offer unique colors, you are welcome to contact for a quote.

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