Christian Bergenstråhle is a Hong Kong-based multi-entrepreneur. He runs a consultant firm Savetime Ltd but is also behind concepts like XIKO ART and ART & DESIGN MARKET.


XIKO ART was part of Business of Design Week in Hong Kong in 2014. At this event where Sweden was sponsoring, Christian Bergenstråhle who founded XIKO ART a year earlier met a bunch of other designers; among others Frida Hultén and Susanne Beskow. Back in Stockholm, all 3 realized it's more fun to collaborate than to only run your own business - and therefore ART & DESIGN MARKET was developed as a platform where small designers can mutually invite and market their products towards new audiences. 

"My friends might have bought art but they would come to an event to meet me - then they can at the same time find other designer products, says Christian. 

With a small effort (time and money) small entrepreneurs help each other succeed in their business by exchanging clients, knowledge and time. At the same time designers usually think it's a lot of FUN.

ART & DESIGN MARKET has been taking place in XIKO ART gallery in Stockholm about 10-15 times with a bunch of different designers and products. Now it's time to take the concept to the next level and do the same thing abroad - therefore the name has changed to "ART & DESIGN MARKET on tour".

In 2020 the concept developed into SWEDEGOOD - an online platform to promote good design products - upcycled, recycled or in any other way creative design ideas that do not have as big impact on the environment.

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