Tote in Tube includes:

  • Vegan leather
  • Threads for side and handle (Random colour due to upcycle material, but if you have special request we will try to fulfill your wish)
  • instructions



  • Shape shifting – by pushing or pulling the bottom of the bag, one can shape the bag from a flat tote bag into a square handbag.
  • Colour change – change the side thread and the handle to a different colour within 5 minutes
  • Leather texture and strength
  • Light weight as paper


The bag is made with 90-95% FSC certified wood fibre. It is regarded as a vegan leather since it will have a leather texture when it is wet. It is durable and age like real leather. It non-toxic and contains no heavy metal, and is 100% biodegradable.


Wash with mild soup and warm water, shape it before natural dry. Can dry with low heat hair dryer. Can use warm iron to remove crease.
If you have drawn with colour pencils, the colour may fade in time.

Vegan Leather Tote in Tube

Color of thread (see image)