Probably the most breathable activewear in the world. Then, we increased the breathability even further. We have added a super thin and soft mesh in the most sweaty areas - on the back of the sports bra. It looks great, but feels even better.

Our sports bras come with paddings, but we have added a discreet opening on the inside so you can easily remove the paddings. The paddings are shaped and provide coverage as well as support. Your body, your preference, your decision

For normal bras you can choose your cup size and your waistline measurement separately, but for some reason most sports bras assume a one-size fits all approach. We want to change this. We value all beautiful body shapes, and realize that we are all different and unique. That’s why we have added a waistline size adjustment with 4 size options on each side, creating a sports bra with 8 wearable options per size. The full size range XS-XL offers 40 wearable options to help you find the perfect fit for your body.

We cannot guarantee that the colours appearing on our online store in detail reflect the product colours in reality. The colours can be reflected in different ways depending on for example your phone screen, your computer, graphic card and the computer settings.

Fabric composition: 73% Recycled Polyester 27% Spandex

Uluwatu Sports-bra