"To Dare Man" YES! has a head in 18k gold. The chemical term for gold, Au, comes from the Latin name for gold aurum which means roughly "dawn". Each trip continues with a new day's dawn and YES! - the old man wants to remind you of how strong you are and how far you have come on your own journey no matter what it is.

Each guy is handmade, with a light-colored (dwelling, slightly "scratched") surface and everyone looks a little different. Size young. 3 cm. The YES! Guy can only be purchased as a complete necklace with a snake chain. (42 cm).
To Dare Man YES! is a "Limited Edition jewelery" of max. 300 pieces. When you buy a necklace you get to choose the number you want (if it is still available). The man comes in a specially designed package that contains a small card with the old man's meaning, and the old man's chosen number in the series.

The "To Dare Man" YES!

  • The YES! Guy was created after a customer long wanted a guy with a head in gold. But gold does not have properties in the same way as the other stones I use for the heads of the ancients, so I had to think in other ways. After all, gold is the ultimate proof of success, not least in the world of sports, and in order to consolidate success, YES was created! - for those who have achieved something special, who wants to be reminded of how strong it is or how far it has come on the journey to reach its goal.

    The key words when I was thinking about the guy's movement pattern was where I can, I've reached my goal, I've done this, I'm so worth it.
    I want to make the YES! Guy even more personal, even more special so that's why it's a "Limited Edition jewelery" with a limit of max 300 pieces. But in this numbered series you have to choose the number you want (if it is still available of course). The idea is that you can choose a number that is important to yourself - your lucky number, birthday, date when you started your journey or reached your destination or something completely different. The Yes! Guy is a bit narrower than the other guys, a little more compact and the body language is inspired precisely from a knotted fist and yes - I succeeded.