Our new award-winning concept is not only a dog collar, it´s a dog collar with a detachable necklace. A simple secure way of attaching the necklace while the dog is wearing the collar. The collar also has a luxurious feel without the necklace.

K9 collarcouture is Made In Italy, designed by Swedish jewellery designer Frida Hultén.

Using the luxurious, traditional and long-wearing Vacchetta Pesante leather from a Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany, founded in 1994. Vacchetta leather is highly valued for its look over time. The tanning process, an ancient technique that is part of Tuscany’s long history, uses vegetable extracts which give the leather the ability to develop a unique lustre over the years with it´s natural patina.

All leather collars come with solid quality brass and have a lifetime guarantee.

Available in 6 different sizes, see size chart for your perfect fit.

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Leather Collar