Inspired by all athletes who dare to follow their dreams and of all those making a fresh start in life - that is how  the ”Att Våga-gubben”

came to the world in the summer of 2012.  This little pendant  wants to inspire everyone to invest in their dreams.


The pendant is available in five different variations each with an individual moving pattern and a head of either amethyst, rose quarts, onyx, hematite or moss agate.

The original little man was also given a nickname  ”the running man"

since he supported many runners of all categories with his movement.


Courage - amethyst

Happiness - rose quarts

Energy - black onyx

Strength - hematite

Balance - moss agate


Pendant sterling silver approx. 2 cm high -   650 HKD

Pendant  on a  42 cm sterling silver chain - 825 HKD

"Att Våga gubben" (To Dare man")